Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Cold

I am not quite sure what to write about so I am just going to write and see where it gos.

   I knew it was cold the day they arrived. I didn't feel cold, I never felt cold. I am not sure why, I just never got the feeling that i remember i used too. The shiver up you spine, and the prickles across your skin. I was immune to it now, I have been for quite a while. I knew it was cold because they all wore coats when they walked outside.
   I watched from behind a tree in front of the old house. People sometimes visited the old, broken house, but they never stayed long. The revolting smell, and the dusty floor usually had them running out as quickly as they arrived. I had seen this family before though. At least the two adults. They had showed up here early almost every day cleaning out the old house, hauling away garbage and bringing in furniture.
   This time though there were three people walking up to the large front doors of the house. A boy with long sandy blonde hair falling into his face followed closely behind the adults i had seen before. He looked much different then them. He wore simple jeans and a gray jacket while the others wore dress clothes and the woman a long fur coat.
   "Mom this house is in desperate need of a lawn mower." the but stated kicking over a broken pot with dirt falling out of it.
   "I know James, we plan to cut down the entire forest and turn it into a nice pool area soon." the older lady said in a snobbish tone as she look disgustedly down at the ground. I glared at her, though she couldn't see me. She would never cut down this forest. It was my home. I would never let her.
   The boy looked at his mom in a disappointing way, but didn't say anything. He followed her into the house his father had already disappeared into, pulling suitcases along with him. The door closed behind them with a heavy clang. I ran to the window, that just a week ago had been shattered and broken. I looked in at the wondering family. I couldn't hear them talk, but the mother seemed to be scolding her son about something as he rolled is eyes at her and looked around the large room they were standing in. He went to climb the stairs as his mother took the other side up. The house gave me shivers as i looked in. It hadn't looked this way since... since. Since I had lived here. The wood floorboards that had been falling apart were replaced with porcelain and a brand new chandelier hung from high above the stairs. It looked magnificent, yet it scared me for some reason. I had no idea why. It was beautiful. You know that feeling you get when your nervous about something but you forgot about it for a while and then the thought of suddenly rushes back to you and your stomach drops. That is exactly the feeling I got, but i didn't know why.
   The boy disappeared into a room on the second floor, and I turned away from the house and walked back towards the forest. The ground was hard under my bare feet as i ran back into the depths of the forest. It should of hurt, me running over branches with nothing on my feet, but it no longer did. At one time i remember the pain it would of given me.
   I stopped at the trunk of  a tree. The bark dying on the outside. I climbed to a branch near the top and pushed my back against the trunk, balancing just perfectly on the branch. My tattered black skirt blent in to the night around me, but my alabaster skin shown brought, almost glowing in the dark. I always wore this wrenched black skirt. I could never remember anything else. In fact everything way always the same. I never really thought of it before. I always had ripped black knee length skirt and the white blouse with one sleeve ripped off. I always had perfectly polished blue fingernails, in the color of ocean water. Whenever i looked at them it reminded me of something, but i couldn't quite remember what. Like something you were supposed to remember to do but just couldn't put your finger on what it as.
   But they never chipped. The color was always bright and bold. There was always a bright red smudge smeared across my left hip, but nothing else ever got on my white shirt, though I ran around in the dirt all the time. The shirt wasn't clean by any means, but it never got any dirtier then it already was. My dark black hair was always perfectly straight, an it never grew any longer. It was always just above my hips, never any longer.
   Around my neck always lay a raindrop shaped pendent with a sillouete of a dancer on it. I dont dance, I never have, but for some reason this necklce is very dear to me and I would never be able to part with it. The white porcelean of it blent into my pale skin and it should of been cold out in the bitter night, but it wasnt, at least not to me. I twirled the necklace in my finger tips, winding it around itself, then i would let go and it would quickly turn in cirles till it once again lay flat against my neck.
   I looked up at the stars. They were almost unseen through a thick layer of fog that had formed throughout the day. I know its silly, but I always iolized the brightest star in the sky. It was far to the left  and you could see it every night, no matter how many clouds, or how much fog, you could always see it. Sometimes I wish I were like that. You could always see me. Nobody could ver see me, at least not very often. People have just walked right past me even if I was screaming at them without even a glace in my direction. Sometimes I was luky though and people would have a suspicious glance in the direction I was hiding or sometimes, maybe, they even saw me. I liked to belive that, though it probably isnt true.

This Is All I Have Maybe I Will Write More If I Feel Its good. Sorry for any grammar or spelling issues.
            ~The Writer

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