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The Cold continued

Chapter 1
   I knew it was cold the day they arrived. I didn't feel cold, I never felt cold. I am not sure why, I just never got the feeling that i remember i used too. The shiver up you spine, and the prickles across your skin. I was immune to it now, I have been for quite a while. I knew it was cold because they all wore coats when they walked outside.
   I watched from behind a tree in front of the old house. People sometimes visited the old, broken house, but they never stayed long. The revolting smell, and the dusty floor usually had them running out as quickly as they arrived. I had seen this family before though. At least the two adults. They had showed up here early almost every day cleaning out the old house, hauling away garbage and bringing in furniture.
   This time though there were three people walking up to the large front doors of the house. A boy with long sandy blonde hair falling into his face followed closely behind the adults i had seen before. He looked much different then them. He wore simple jeans and a gray jacket while the others wore dress clothes and the woman a long fur coat.
   "Mom this house is in desperate need of a lawn mower." the but stated kicking over a broken pot with dirt falling out of it.
   "I know James, we plan to cut down the entire forest and turn it into a nice pool area soon." the older lady said in a snobbish tone as she look disgustedly down at the ground. I glared at her, though she couldn't see me. She would never cut down this forest. It was my home. I would never let her.
   The boy looked at his mom in a disappointing way, but didn't say anything. He followed her into the house his father had already disappeared into, pulling suitcases along with him. The door closed behind them with a heavy clang. I ran to the window, that just a week ago had been shattered and broken. I looked in at the wondering family. I couldn't hear them talk, but the mother seemed to be scolding her son about something as he rolled is eyes at her and looked around the large room they were standing in. He went to climb the stairs as his mother took the other side up. The house gave me shivers as i looked in. It hadn't looked this way since... since. Since I had lived here. The wood floorboards that had been falling apart were replaced with porcelain and a brand new chandelier hung from high above the stairs. It looked magnificent, yet it scared me for some reason. I had no idea why. It was beautiful. You know that feeling you get when your nervous about something but you forgot about it for a while and then the thought of suddenly rushes back to you and your stomach drops. That is exactly the feeling I got, but i didn't know why.
   The boy disappeared into a room on the second floor, and I turned away from the house and walked back towards the forest. The ground was hard under my bare feet as i ran back into the depths of the forest. It should of hurt, me running over branches with nothing on my feet, but it no longer did. At one time i remember the pain it would of given me.
   I stopped at the trunk of  a tree. The bark dying on the outside. I climbed to a branch near the top and pushed my back against the trunk, balancing just perfectly on the branch. My tattered black skirt blent in to the night around me, but my alabaster skin shown brought, almost glowing in the dark. I always wore this wrenched black skirt. I could never remember anything else. In fact everything way always the same. I never really thought of it before. I always had ripped black knee length skirt and the white blouse with one sleeve ripped off. I always had perfectly polished blue fingernails, in the color of ocean water. Whenever i looked at them it reminded me of something, but i couldn't quite remember what. Like something you were supposed to remember to do but just couldn't put your finger on what it as.
   But they never chipped. The color was always bright and bold. There was always a bright red smudge smeared across my left hip, but nothing else ever got on my white shirt, though I ran around in the dirt all the time. The shirt wasn't clean by any means, but it never got any dirtier then it already was. My dark black hair was always perfectly straight, an it never grew any longer. It was always just above my hips, never any longer.
   Around my neck always lay a raindrop shaped pendent with a sillouete of a dancer on it. I dont dance, I never have, but for some reason this necklce is very dear to me and I would never be able to part with it. The white porcelean of it blent into my pale skin and it should of been cold out in the bitter night, but it wasnt, at least not to me. I twirled the necklace in my finger tips, winding it around itself, then i would let go and it would quickly turn in circles till it once again lay flat against my neck.
   I looked up at the stars. They were almost unseen through a thick layer of fog that had formed throughout the day. I know its silly, but I always idolized the brightest star in the sky. It was far to the left  and you could see it every night, no matter how many clouds, or how much fog, you could always see it. Sometimes I wish I were like that. You could always see it. Nobody could ever see me, at least not very often. People have just walked right past me even if I was screaming at them without even a glace in my direction. Sometimes I was lucky though and people would have a suspicious glance in the direction I was hiding or sometimes, maybe, they even saw me. I liked to belive that, though it probably isnt true.
   The night quickly turned to day before my eyes. I could just sit here and watch the sky turn for hours without getting boerd, or distracted, or tierd, or hungry. If I wanted I could just sit on this tree and look up at the sky and have the entire world, and my entire eternity pass by, while I did absolutly nothing at all. I was never tierd, so there was no need for sleep. I was never hungry, so there was no need to eat. There was however one thing I still needed. Water. It was quite an odd situation, me needing water, but without it I relized i was starting too fade. The feeling I felt during this wasnt thirst, it was more like evaporation, but it culdnt be. That wouldnt make any sense. I am obviosly not made of water, I,m bright and colorfull, and solid. I am a completly normal feeling human being, but I didnt feel like a normal human being. Well, I dont know exactly what I feel like. All I can rember is it being this way. In my mind I have always een like this. Sometimes though I start too rember things. Things before this, but then there gone as quickly as they came. The memories always make me feel sick to my stomach, and give me a heartwrenching feeling. To be honest, Id rather not rember them, even if they arent real
   The sun has just risen over the horizan when I am snapped back to reaility by a car engine. I am instintly hiding behinde a tree, by the long winding drive way. I am not sure how I got there, but stuff like this always happens. Its as if I am where my mind wants me to be. I dont mind it at all, in fact its very convienant, so i dotn queshton it. In the front seat of the black sleek sports car is the man and woman, both obvioslu dressed up, her hair in an updo, and his slicked back. I dont really care to know where they are going, but I wonder where the boy is. I sneak over towards the front window of the house and look in. I dont see any movement inside. The inside of the home still gives me shivers. I close my eyes for a momment and take in a deep breath, but all I see in my head is the hose. Not like this, and not all broken down, but fancier, more exstavagant, and over the top. The walls are marbel and the floor beatiful oak hardwood. A crystal chandaleer hangs from the ceiling, a million dancing lights reflecting off of it. People stand under it, mingling. They are dressed in beautifull ball gown and suits. I open my eyes abruptly. My heart is racing, and I am scared but I dont know why.
   I am inside the house. I jump back. I didnt want to be inside the house. I dont try to be insidethe house. How did I get here. My mind has never taken me somewhere I didnt wish to be. My heart pounded in my chest. I took a deep breath. I was fine. My breathing slowed, and I no longer felt like I was going to loose it. 
   I walk around, my bare feet dirtying the porcelan floor. I peek around the corner of the stairwell. A humagous kitchen is centered behinde a giant coach and television set. I explore the kitchen, there is no food, or silverware, or plates. Theese people obviously dont cook much. I walk back to the stirwell, though there a still tons of rooms on the far side of the house, but for some reason I feel like I already know whats over that way. Next to the front door, is a smaller, less heavy door. I hadnt noticed it before. I also hadnt noticed the smell before. It was awfull. I pushed it out of my mind. I went to open the door, but it was locked shut. The door was brutilly damaged. It almost seemed as if somebody had taken a crowbar to it and wedged it in trying to pry it open. I jiggled the handle again, but it wouldnt budge. I thought about picking the lock, but decided it was probably just a clost, and they hadnt felt the need to replace the door. This seemed rather unlickley to me, but for some reason, I didnt really want to see whta was inside the closet. 
   "Who are you?" a voice came from the stairs. I turned to see who had said it, my eyes big with confusion. Could they see me? Were they really talking to me? My heart started racing, and my stomach was in my throat. "What are you doing in my house?"
   I was gone. I wasnt in the house anymore. I was by a creek. A frozen creek. I had been here before. It was just ouside the house, a little ways into the forest. But again, my mind had taken me somewhere I didnt want to go. Had he really been talking to me? Did he really see me? Why had my mind taken me away? There was a not in my throat, and I was all chocked up. Why? Why was i upset about something I wasnt even sure about? What was going on with me? Snap out of it! I sat on the cold, hard grown, and bent over to the ice,breaking the surface with my fingers. I pulled up the easiest part to grap a hold of and made a small hole were the water ran through. I splached some on my face. It wasnt very cold, at leats not to me, but it made me calm down. I cupped some in my hands and took a sip. It relaxed my throat, and I no longer felt the need to cry. Tadpoles swam by in the creek. This confused me. WHy were there tadpoles in winter? This could be. Was I imaginign stuff now? This wasnt good. Was i loosing my mind? I must of sat there by the river for a hile, thiking about everything. Well more like worrying. That was something I hadnt dont in a few years. It wasnt a feeling I liked. It was confusing, and it fogged up my judegment. It made me overthink and overanalysis.
   "You where in my house." It wasnt a queshton. I turned my entire body around, standing up in the process. The boy stood facing me. He wore a coat and boats, and was nearly shivering. He had his hands balled in his coat pockets. He hadnt said the statement in an acussing way. He said it merly as if he were reading it out of a book. 
   I ponted to myself, and looked at him in queshtoning way. He nodded. My eyes went big. He was talking to me. He could see me. "You can see me?" I asked.
   "Yes? Thats a stupid queston." He answered. "Why are you out here barefoot? And in a skirt? Without a jacket? Its 20 degrees." 
   "Im not cold." I stated, short and flat.
   He took a step closer too me. I was hesiatant, but didnt want to move where my feet were planted. What if I move and then he want see me anymore? "Are you homeless?"
   "Well, where do you live then?"
    "Well," I say mocking him " I lived in the house over there for a very long time."
   " So, you are homeless? You lived in my house, but now you cant? Okay, Its really cold out here. Lets go inside. Ill get you something too eat. Youll get frostbite if you stay out here without shoes, and a jacket. I am sure my mom can give up something."
   "I dont need anything from you. And I am not homeless. And I still live there." I say in an agressive tone. His eyes go big, and his blonde hair falls over one covering it completly. He purses his lips, then squints his eyes as if he cant see me. I get scared at first, like he really cant see me anymore, but then he turns his head and says.
   "You know something, theres something off about you. I mean beside the fact you have no clothes on in below freezing temapature. I mean something else. Its almost like I know your there, but I dont want to know your there. Like my brain is saying you dont exist, and refuses for me to belive you do."
   "Like I shouldnt exist?" I ask him, finally taking a step closer to him.
   "Exacty!" he exclaims, his squinted eyes going big again. There was something about this boy that drew me to him, like the universe was forcing us too meet. It almost felt like I had met him before, mutliiple times. He seemed extremly familiar, like i knew all of his little quirks and habits already. The way his eyes go big when he is exited, the way his hair falls into his face, or the way he brushed it out of his eyes always with one sweep of his left hand.
   "Will you please come inside? If not to get a coat at least get something to eat." he said motionig back to the house.
   "I dont eat."
   "You know what? Is it weird that I am not suprised by that? In fact it feels like I kinda` already knew." he responded. I didnt answer his queshtons. There was a silence betwwen us, but it wasnt akward at all, it was like the little silence between us was necissary.
   "I am going back inside. You can come is you feel like it. Its better then out here, I swear." he promised, as he turned his back to me and started hiking back towards his house.
   "I know a shortcut." I said, not moving from where I stood.
   He turned around, a smug half smile plastered on his face. "Lead the way." he exclaimed, gesturing with his arm.

Chapter 2
   We sat around a large dining room table, big enough to sit at least 15 people. Its to extravagant, especially to have just me and this teenage boy sitting at it. Neither of us in any way looked or acted fancy. He slid a bottle of water into my hand, and went to sit on next to me.
   "You know my mother wears the same nail polish color as you." he said pulling off his muddy boots and throughing them into a pile. I look down at the bright aqua polish on my nails. "You know it kind of looks like the oceans in Florida. That's where I moved here from. Have you been there?" he asks.
   For a moment, my heart skips a beat. I don't know why. My stomach drops, like if you were on a roller coaster. My head feels like I am spinning. I see splashing water. Its the color of rainclouds. I cant breath.
   "Are you okay!" the boy sitting across from me is blurry, but I an still see his eyes go big in desperation just as everything in my mind goes black. A few seconds later I wake up. He is holding me in his arms, one under my knees, the other across my back. He places me gently on the coach. I am scared at first, I don't know what happened. It scared me. I had no clue why, but it did.
   "What happened? Are you okay?" he asks me, "You were only out for a few minuets, if even that." He is standing next too me.
   "I am fine." I say sitting up quickly. His arms go out to help me, but I brush him off. "I am completely fine. I don't need your help."
   "are you sure? I mean people don't just pass out? Are you sure everything is fine? Are you sick or something? I mean living out in the cold and all, probably isn't the best idea."
   "Stop talking!," I almost yell "I am fine. I don't need you babbling about my health."
   "Sorry. Whats your name by the way?" he asks?
   I have to think about this for a moment. I havnt spoken my name in a very long time. "Scarlett." I state.
   He does the same smug looking half smile he did in the forest. "Well hello Scarlett. That a very fancy name, for such a down to earth girl."
   "I didn't name myself, besides I cant say I have always been so down to earth." I say. His smile lightens the mood, at least my mood. It makes my stomach flutter. It felt weird to be so mesmerized, and trusting of this bot. It didn't seem right. I had so many questions, that i would probably never get my answers too.
   "Well, Im Jamie." He says still smiling. I know that name. It is the most familiar name. I dont know why, but I know that name.

Thanks You Fo Reading. I am planning On writing more later. Sorry again for all the grammar and spelling errors. Any feedback, good or bad would mean the world too me. You guys are all great!

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